Contest 6: Giving Thanks For Gaming

Giving Thanks for Gaming.

For contest six, show or tell us about your favorite Thanksgiving-related gaming memory, or a time that your
gaming hobby has left you feeling particularly thankful.

You may write a narrative of up to 150 words, submit a photo, an image of a personally-created piece of art, a montage, or even a video. Please keep audio or video entries limited to one minute or less.


Prizes will include:

Grand Prize: One Gen Con Indy 2012 promo pass to the best overall entry

5 additional winners – swag from the Gen Con vault


Submission tips:

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Contest Entries
23 Entries to “Contest 6: Giving Thanks For Gaming”
  1. Selena Barker says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory would have to be when my husband and I was living in Tempe, Arizona, before we had kids, and before we had any family around. Our friends, Tony and Corrina, spent the night with us and after making all the preliminary Thanksgiving preparations, we broke out our favorite board games. Of course, we had not yet discovered what board games from companies like Mayfair provided. Only games like Yahtzee and Scrabble existed in our minds. However, because of our experience playing board games with our beloved friends, we have made it a tradition that Thanksgiving has become one of our biggest gaming events of the year. We now live in Iowa with our families and we love to get together just to play games. The Settlers of Catan is our most favorite Thanksgiving tradition because of the concept of the game being settlers like the pilgrims harvesting a new colony by trading commodities just like they did with the Indians during the first Thanksgiving. Board games has done wonders to bring our family and friends together during the holidays!

  2. Tommy Mac says:

    There can be no “gaming” without the presence of friends. And it is my gaming friends that I am so thankful for. I get to see a number of them individually throughout the year, but what I am most thankful for is being able to see them all in one place at GenCon every year. This past year, GenCon fell on my birthday and my friends and I spent the day running around the convention center playing games and celebrating. It was easily the best birthday I had ever had in recent memory. Friends like these are hard to come by which makes me ever more thankful for them.

    Here’s a slideshow of the birthday celebration we had at GenCon:

    • Randy Wilson says:

      My best Thanksgiving memory of gaming was the day that I was introduced to Geman-style strategy games. I had been a gamer my whole life, but my gaming world was limited to Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers. We were participating in a National Games Week promotion, and my friend Bryan brought a copy of Settlers of Catan. We played the game, and I found myself frustrated by the luck of the dice. I recall hating my first game so much that I just had to play it again…and again. I don’t tend to lose games much, so I was intrigued. That intrigue led to my discovery of the multitude of other gaming companies out there and expanded my gaming collection to now well over 600 games. What started as a simple “Wall of Games” has now taken over my entire basement, and earned my home the nickname of “Nerdvana.” For that I am thankful…though I still hate to loseat Settlers.

  3. Chris Figueroa says:

    A time when my gaming hobby left me thankful. Well I would have to say magic the gathering. Growing up me and my brother had alot in common but as we got older we driffeted apart and didnt have much in common at all. And magic the gathering was a game we played together growing up. Last year was my first year at gencon which i went to with my brother and cousin, And when they first told me about it and what is all involved Magic was brought up whcih my brother still played. So that got me started playing again which then brough us closer together becaus of the common interest in the game which helped us catch up with everything again just like when we where kids. Thats what i am thankful for

  4. I saw during Thanksgiving dinner that my friend Dave had left me a voicemail, and I discreetly checked it, figuring any call made on a national and family holiday must be important. Sure enough, Dave’s message was, “Call me back. It’s urgent. URGENT!” I worried through the remainder of the meal, waiting for an opportunity to slip away and call my friend back. After the dishes were cleared, I found my chance.
    “What’s so urgent, Dave?”
    “Can you meld a canasta of all wilds?”
    A cursory consultation of the rulebook would have told Dave that, no, you cannot meld a canasta of all wilds. And while Dave needed to learn the meaning of “urgent” (a lesson my wife and I would teach him later using flashcards), I was grateful to reconnect with a friend…and to maintain my status as the rules explainer.

  5. Chuck Benscote says:

    33+ years ago I got into the gaming hobby for the cool art, wild character builds, creatures, armies, battles and stories. What I really got along the way were a number of very good friends. I have kept contact with most but in the last 2 years I have made some of the best friends I think I will ever have, next to my zombie loving wife. This last summer I got the chance to attend GenCon with all 3 of my sons and a friend. I can honestly say I have become good friends with all my sons through gaming. For us it is not just a gaming session but a laughing-ranting-cheering-grumbling, memory building time that I would not trade for anything.
    Even with our busy schedules they will make an extra effort to be available on game night and it doesn’t matter what we are actually playing. As the commercial says, “Priceless”!

  6. Chancy Briscoe says:

    A little over two years ago, I met my boyfriend who has always been a gamer and a member of our local gaming group. Now for myself, I had never been much of a gamer outside of the traditional board/card games many people grow up with. After a few months of being together, Josh suggested that I come to a game night with him. A few of the guys were getting together for a game of Descent! After some convincing I decided to attend. I was slightly scared off by the rules I had been given to read, but decided to go anyways. Not only did I learn a great game that day, but I met three people who have since introduced me to so many new games and a whole other group of people that are an important part of my life.

  7. Jeremy says:

    My favorite thanksgiving memory is after dinner all of my friends came over for a gravy induced gaming session. After we settle down and start to play, (with a few rounds of leftovers thrown into the microwave) it gets late and our last encounter approaches. We get to a large enemy mage encampment. After a stellar fight my character and one hurt mage remain. I barely miss my first attack and on my last attack i roll critical miss, hit myself and take my character to -10 hp. The DM said i was awake long enough to see the last mage laughing histerically at me as i hit the ground. The best part about it was that even though we spent hours on this campaign to lose to a random encounter, all of my friends had the best session in recent memory. We still call a critical miss a “Jeremy”

  8. Jessica says:

    My favorite memory of Thanksgiving gaming centers around when my aunt Brenda would play Taboo. The object of the game is to avoid certain words. However, every time Brenda would get passed the word list, she would get flustered and immediately spout whatever words she was NOT supposed to say. Then, because she just messed up, she would quickly follow the forbidden word with an explicative. Her predictably bad playing, and ensuing cursing, would have everyone laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe or speak. On all her turns, the game would degenerate into a mass of women laughing to tears. She passed a few years ago, and I didn’t get to attend her funeral. I rather am glad for that though, because in my mind, she’s at that big dining table, getting excited that it’s about to be her turn and, we all know, she’s going to F—- it up.

  9. Larry Fettinger says:

    So there I was family get together with left over turkey on the table. In the background I here someone mention playing a game. A little background on my family, there is mom,dad,aunt, two uncles, grandma, myself, wife, three cousins, a family friend, and my much younger cousin. Thirteen people, perfect for werewolf! After a failed first game where one of the wolfs (my grandma aged and senial) says my moms name instead of pointing at her as a victim in the middle of the night lol, we started a second game. After 6 hours of non stop are you a werewolf games, it has now become a family tradition. Thanks to boardgames my family has adopted new traditions (one that didn’t involve broken chairs or hurt feelings)

  10. Marshall Cooper says:

    Another night at Applebee’s and more bad service and long wait times. My wife broke out Steve Jackson’s Cthulu dice and proceeded to gamble with what sanity we had left. I was so thankful to be spending time with my wife and friends and for the games that bring us together.

  11. Marissa says:

    My favorite thanksgiving gaming memory happened a few years ago. I was back home from school, and my friend decided to GM an all girls one shot. We used online random generators to create our characters, and they all ended up being completely ridiculous. It was one of the most fun games I have ever played.

  12. Sheard says:

    While waiting for the food to finish cooking on Thanksgiving I wandered into the living room to watch some TV. My brother(14) was sitting on the couch reading a 2nd edition Player’s Handbook. My brother had always had trouble reading so it almost made me cry. A few months earlier I had invited him to game with my friends and I (20ish). He flubbed his first lightning bolt (shot himself) by misreading the spell description. All of my friends were nice to him but he caught some good-natured ribbing. He was one of us.

    Since then, he had his nose buried in the handbook reading and re-reading every spell description. And, here he was on vacation reading a book with the TV turned off. It was then I realized that gaming had made a difference in my brother’s life. To say the least, I was thankful.

  13. John du Bois says:

    An annual Thanksgiving-related gaming memory:
    Each year, I face Black Friday for one reason – to get cheap board games at large retailers (Candy Land was $3.50 this year) in order to restock my personal supply and my company’s (I am a speech pathologist – autistic kids and kindergarteners mean that games frequently need replacing, and it’s nice to have multiple copies if multiple clinicians want to use the same game at once). Every year, without fail, in spite of the long lines, rushed atmosphere, and stress, my cashier looks at my order and tells me a board game story from his or her family, usually one from the previous day (this year, it was Skip-Bo). It makes me thankful that even in these hard, profit-driven economic times with individualized electronic toys, people still buy, own, and play games that are shared as a family.

  14. Erica Brehmer says:

    I’m thankful for discovering gaming, thanks to Settlers of Catan. It has brought so many good memories to me and my friends, and the new ones just keep on coming, thanks to Mayfair Games. We play with a solid group of 5 people right now, and we have become excellent friends with our gaming group. We even travelled together to GenCon this past year! That was awesome. Without games, especially my 3d version of Catan, we wouldn’t be able to earn victory points and claim victory and have so much fun in the process. I’m thankful for this, not only on Thanksgiving, but everyday of the year. Thanks so much Klaus Teuber and Mayfair for bringing us Catan and the whole gamut in between!

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